St. Gregory Cathedral School

St. Gregory is Tyler’s oldest parochial elementary school, and the city’s only U.S. Department of Education Blue Ribbon School, a designation earned by scoring in the top 10 percent of the nation on national standardized tests. St. Gregory is a three-time recipient of the Blue Ribbon Award.

Founded in 1946, St. Gregory is a Catholic community that provides systematic formation in the faith with academic excellence. Students and teachers reflect Gospel values from the classroom to the playground, with the goal of helping students grow into lifelong Christians, who actively express and celebrate their faith in every dimension of their lives.

Faith in Our Mission

St. Gregory Cathedral School has as its primary goal the formation of the Christian person supported by parental involvement. Through the Catholic tradition the school promotes values, character and integrity according to the Gospel. A college preparatory curriculum challenges students to reach their fullest potential in a nurturing environment.

Faith in Formation

Spiritual formation is getting to know and serve God. It is understanding the teachings of the Church and developing a personal connection with Christ through prayer, worship, and reflection on how good life is lived.

Faith in Action

As a faith community, St. Gregory infuses the teachings of Christ in all areas of student life. We are all called by God to share our gifts with others. The St. Gregory community lives as citizens of the world by taking part in activities that benefit others. Through this Christian service, we place our faith in action.

I invite you to call me with your questions and to visit our campus. We would consider it a privilege to welcome your family into our community.

In Christ,

Patty Brittain
Interim Principal