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Teams Of Our Lady (TOOL)


Think there isn’t anyone pulling for your marriage? Think again. Marriage is a challenge. Whether a couple is newlywed, raising a family, or “empty nesting,” the call to grow together in love is ever present. Often couples find they are living in a social climate where forces and stresses are at work that can undermine both their marriage and their faith.


TOOL – For A Better Marriage

All over the world, couples have found a way to meet their desire for growth in love and faith through the Teams of Our Lady (TOOL) movement. A team is a group of five to seven couples who have freely decided to join together to find support in their efforts to lead Gospel lives.


The team meets once a month in each other’s homes for a simple meal. In the spirit of friendship, they share their experiences of the previous month. After dinner, the team reflects on scripture and prays. Finally, they discuss study material on married life and faith. The team meeting is truly a unique gathering that is lively and enjoyable, yet structured and meaningful.


Getting Started in TOOL

How does a team get started? Local TOOL couples conduct information meetings to answer questions and place interested couples in a team.


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