Covenant of Love


What is the Covenant of Love?

It is a ministry… a call to action… an initiative and a resource offered to parishes to strengthen, promote, educate, and advocate the splendor and truth of God’s plan for marriage. If a couple learns God’s plan for marriage they can live it and others will see their witness of joy. Covenant of Love’s motto is “Learn It, Live It, Share It.”

What is a Date Night?

It is a gathering of couples with the goal of assisting them in becoming the true domestic church by providing tools and information to help them live out God’s plan for the sacrament of marriage and to create a vibrant and positive community of married couples.

·      Learn from others that have great marriages

·      Learn God’s plan for marriage and love

·      Develop practical relationship skills like communication, conflict resolution and meeting each other's needs

·      Associate with other couples who are working to build a great marriage

·      Put it all into practice on a daily basis

Date Nights help couples do all of this. Join us in the Cathedral Center for enrichment, fellowship, and prayer!

Schedule of Date Nights:

New schedule will be announced at a later date.